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Sunday, April 03, 2005

Spring Forward

I don't like changing the clocks. It just messes everything up and I spend weeks afterward mentally adjusting the time... it's 6:00, well it's really only 5:00.

Last night, at 7:00, we were talking about the impending changing of the clocks. It was still an hour until the kid's bedtime and they were all acting up, running around, being incredibly annoying, as they are wont to do at that time of day, when my 10 yr old said, 'So, tomorrow we really get to wake up an hour earlier. The clock will say 7:00, but it will really be 6:00?"

Yes, that is the hell of being a parent. Because as parents we just get too much sleep, we must lose an hour in the Spring. And then in the Fall we, as parents, lose an hour again. We turn the clocks back and keep the kids up an hour later at night, but they still wake up when their internal clocks tell them to, which is an hour before the clock says they should get up.

Rob always makes fun of me when I talk about "losing" an hour. He says that you are not losing or gaining anything anywhere, it is just your perception. Well, whatever. I feel like I get screwed twice a year.

But this year I determined to handle it differently. I will make it work for me. Why should we have to change the clocks in the middle of the night? Why do they have to mess with my children's sleep?

So I said,' Oh my goodness, we forgot to change our clocks after dinner! It is really 8:00 right now. That means it is bedtime!'

No one even complained. They were all too excited about the fact that they could wake up an hour "earlier" tomorrow morning.

I may just begin having random time changes throughout the year to suit me.


Anonymous Ruth said...

Hi Chris

We do this stupid clock thing in the UK to and I don't change ours until after dinner either. Much more fun seeing their little faces and saying bedtime now lol. Of course in autumn I change them on the night. This stemmed from the war didn't it? Why they keep it up I don't know.

2:22 PM  
Blogger Mrs. Darling said...

Hey I like your idea of random time changes.

Really this time change thing is the pits! My kids are so tired!

12:21 PM  

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