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Thursday, March 24, 2005

Just Makes Me Sad

I was watching the local news the other night. The lead stories:

A man who was arrested and facing life in prison for killing puppies. The community was outraged... those cute fluffy puppies.

A serial killer who long ago confessed to his crimes and wants to be executed rather than sit on death row for more appeals. But you know what, he isn't allowed to make that determination. The death penalty is cruel and unusual punishment.

And a woman who is being starved to death.

I'm not particularly interested in the legalities of the case or the politicians and their posturing. I don't care to discuss the Constitution, Micheal Schiavo's motives, Bush (any of them), how the Pro-Life Movement and the ACLU have co-opted this case for their own gains...

Because holy shit a woman is slowly being starved to death while her helpless parents look on, and so many people are perfectly fine with it. Perfectly fine with it taking over a week for her to finally die.

Are there no more moral absolutes?
Can we not even agree as a society that starving someone to death is wrong?

I found a link to this blog entry at Jordana's blog. And it pretty much sums it up for me.

(I am disabling comments on this entry, because I can't debate. Like Jordana it just makes me too sad.)

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