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Saturday, January 08, 2005

The Children Are Next On the List

I probably shouldn't even utter it outloud, but I am beginning to feel better. I noticed it late last night when I realized I hadn't been coughing all evening AND that I was hours late taking my medication. That is the sure sign to being on the road to health; I am no longer watching the clock anticipating the time I can take my antibiotics and suck down more Robitussin.

I also am beginning to get back some of my energy and do more than sit on the couch and stare into space. Now I am trying to catch up on all the stuff I have been ignoring, namely ridding my house of the germs that seem to have taken over. Have I ever mentioned that I am a germophobe?

My children have never been to any sort of indoor playgrounds. Just the *thought* of them makes me feel ill.

This morning I got out my bleach, sponges, paper towels and Lysol and set out to rid my house of germs. I disinfected everything I could find. If it had a knob or handle on it, it got washed down with bleach and sprayed with Lysol. All the doors and door jambs were cleaned. As I disinfected all the doorknobs in the house I began to wonder why I bought a house with so many damn doors and briefly thought that I should make a rule prohibiting children from touching any doors or doorknobs.

As I bleached every square inch of the third bathroom, I was rejoicing that the children's bathrooms are devoid of any fixtures and sporting plywood floors and bare studs for walls. It meant there was no cleaning to be done in there. I did spray the air with Lysol, just in case those sneaky germs were hiding in there anyway.

All the toothbrushes are in the dishwasher being cleaned. All the beds have been stripped of their bedding, the bedding washed, and the mattresses sprayed with Lysol.

And did you know that if you spray copious amounts of Lysol on your telephone it will stop working? Me neither. But at least my phone is disinfected and it's not like I ever really answer the telephone anyway so I won't miss it too much.

I am off to make sure I haven't overlooked anything in need of disinfecting... just where are those kids hiding anyway.


Blogger Rachel said...

you are inspiring me! something to do while it snows.
thanks for the tip about the phone, too.

oh - and you haven't gone overboard, if you were worried. my dad used to have me breathe out the car window on the way to the doctor's office so he wouldn't get sick. that might be a little *too* germphobic. :)

1:21 PM  
Blogger Kathy said...

From one germophobic to another, 3 cheers for Lysol. Don't forget to spray those video game controllers and that germ hoarding computer mouse.LOL

5:20 PM  
Blogger Urban Mama said...

The doorknobs reminds me of an eccentric senior-year suitemate who NEVER touched his doorknob without a paper towel wrapped around his hand. He was so germophobic he had one set of flip flops for his room and another for outside his room; he obviously made everyone take off their shoes before entering his room; and then he wouldn't let you touch anything. LOL!

1:17 AM  

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