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Wednesday, December 22, 2004

And They Say Men Are Clueless

Scene: Sitting in waiting room of gymnastics center waiting for 5yr olds class to end. I am nursing the baby and the man sitting right next to me is obviously uncomfortable and is looking everywhere around the room except at the nursing baby. I finish nursing the baby and hold him up on my shoulder.

Man: (looking at me as if he hadn't noticed I was sitting right next to him for the past 15 minutes) Wow, you had your baby. Congratulations. How old is he?

Me: He is 6 days old.

Man: So, is he sleeping through the night?

Me: What?

Man: Sleeping through the night, is he?

Me: Don't you have kids? I mean I assume you do since you are here watching little kids do gymnastics.

Man: Yeah, I have two kids.

Me: Oh.

Man: (nodding to himself) That was a really stupid question wasn't it?

Me: Ummm. Just a little.


Blogger Hind's Feet said...

Not so stupid, my first two slept through the night from the beginning (and scared me to peices) so maybe his two did, too.

But... I was up several times last night with three crying (one setting the other two off) and my husband didn't wake once... so how can they really know if the babies sleep through the night if they sleep that soundly?

Congratulations on your sweet baby boy!

5:54 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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