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Friday, February 11, 2005

You Don't Write, You Sure As Hell Don't Call

I loathe talking on the telephone.

I have gotten into the habit lately of ignoring the phone when it rings and letting the voice mail pick up. This is problematic since I also have a very bad habit of forgetting to check my voice mail.

Yesterday I got my monthly bill for my cellphone in the mail. I have a very basic inexpensive plan that gives me 300 free minutes a month and free nights and weekends up to 5000 minutes. I used 8 last month. That would be 8 minutes for the entire month, all to my husband.

I guess the appeal of having a cell phone is lost on me. I don't particularly want people calling me when I am out and about doing errands, nor do I feel like talking on the phone while I walk through the grocery store. And forget about talking on the phone while driving, the children think my holding a phone up to my head means it is time for them to talk to me... simultaneously... as loud as they can. And being trapped in the car with them means I can't get away.

I often wonder if the advent of cell phones has improved the overall quality of life for people. I realize that they are convenient and useful, which is why I have one, but when does it become an intrusion on your life.

I like being "unreachable" at times. None of my friends have my cell phone number and I only give it out as an emergency number when the children are registered for something that will separate us. I feel pretty confident that the children's pottery instructor isn't going to call me up to chat. If I start giving out my cell phone number the next thing I know I will be walking around invading other people's personal space with my obnoxious phone conversations. Because honestly, aren't all phone conversations obnoxious unless you are one of the parties?

Or worse yet I'll end up wearing my cell phone in a little holder on my belt. If you do this, please stop. And while I am telling people what not to do, unless you are a latch key kid, wearing your keys on a lanyard around your neck is, well, dumb looking.

Rob mentioned last night getting rid of our land line and going to only cell phones. The thought of this bothers me so much, though I'm not really sure why. It just seems odd, strange, weird! Yes, that is the crux of my argument... it would be weird.

Plus, I'd probably have to figure out how to set up and access my voicemail account.

And when I said that no one would be able to look us up in the phone book and call us, he countered with, "Well, you don't answer the phone anyway."

Ummm, yeah... whatever.


Blogger Jordana said...

I hate talking on the phone. I wasn't even a teenager who liked talking on the phone. The only time I talked a lot on the phone is when my then boyfriend, now husband and I lived in different states.

I finally got a cell phone for Christmas. I got one of the pay-as-you-go phones and have used it three times for a total of 4 minutes. I assume it can ring, but have never heard it do so, because the only people who have the phone number are my husband and my son's preschool. I want to keep it that way. This is my phone to get me assistance should the car die on the side of the road, but that's about the only time I really want to have it.

I hate phones.

2:48 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

dont do it. pam and i did for a year and we fell out of the loop. the battery is always dead when you want to use the phone. i began to ignore it altogether once some telemarketers got the number. I have had a cell phone for 10 yrs. it started that i used it for business then for emergencies while driving 100 miles a day to work. 2 months ago i smashed it to 1 million pieces with a large hammer the peices were subsuquently burned the ashes mailed to altell with a note explaining how i would like them to deal with them. our bill used to be 24$ a month for 2 phones that worked in the end it was over 100 wich is more than i have ever paid. pam still has hers and we really only need 1. the other of us is usually by a lanline. plus i have one for work now and if you think you look stupid with a phone in a holester, you shouldve seen me with 2.


12:55 PM  
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