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Thursday, February 03, 2005

There's Not Enough Liquor

The remote control is missing.

My husband needs it back. He has wandered around the room for 15 minutes ranting and raving about it's whereabouts.

It would have been much quicker to manually turn up the volume on the television set, but what do I know. I won't even mention that it is a movie he has already watched no less than 50 times and can recite by heart.

The flash light is also missing. Personally I didn't even know we had a working flashlight in the house. Apparently one of the children did though.

Rob needs the flashlight to look underneath the loveseat to see if the remote control is hiding there. He really wants to take all the cushions off and lift it up on it's side, but I refuse to get off of loveseat since I just got the baby to sleep on me and have my laptop set up just right to type.

He is very upset that I don't care about the missing remote control or flashlight. God help me if I do find them because I am liable to use them to beat him senseless.

Two days of no smoking. Where is my wine glass?


Blogger Blair said...

Here is a marked increase in "no smoking" prayers for your family!

11:45 PM  

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