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Wednesday, December 08, 2004

What? I Can't Hear You...

this is what my 4 yr old has been saying to me all day long.

Last week we had a day with no electricity, well today we have a day with no voice. The no voice being mine.

I can barely speak over a whisper. I had hoped that my talking so softly would have the same effect on the children and they would spend the day talking in hushed tones. It would be a quiet, peaceful, reverant day. Yeah, don't know why I thought that.

Instead I am realizing just how often I raise my voice at my children, not neccessarily in anger, but just to be heard over the din. I am finding it incredibly frustrating today to have to physically get in their faces and whisper to them for them to pay any attention to me.

I guess waving my arms around like a mad woman doesn't make anyone take notice. I even threw my shoe across the room in their general area to get their attention at one point; they just threw it back at me.

Not to mention the fact that my 4 yr old is pretending he can't understand a thing I am saying even when I do get his attention.

Argh... I need my voice back.


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