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Tuesday, October 12, 2004


This week for science we are study volcanoes. The kids have been wanting to build a "real erupting volcano" for a long time and for some reason I have been putting it on the back burner.

Well, not just some reason. Truth be told, I dislike projects that make a huge amount of mess. Paper mache is just a bit too messy for my liking and I have visions of a volcano exploding ala Brady Bunch style, although inside of my house.

But this weekend I was at TJ Maxx and I spotted an all inclusive make-your-own volcano kit. It contains a paper mache like substance that just requires you to add warm water, knead it up like bread dough, and then shape it into a volcano shape. Let dry, paint it up if desired (which of course it is), and then put the stuff in to make it "explode". Now this is a volcano for me, or rather my kids.

So yesterday the kids made the volcano.

Afterward we watched our Eyewitness: Volcano video. My 3 yr old then became very concerned that we had a volcano in our house. He kept asking me if it was a "real" one and would it burn him and knock our house down. Unfortunately for him, the sarcasm of his older brothers is lost on him and he believed their joking around. I reassured him that the one we made was a pretend one, but I am not sure if he believes me fully since he kept eyeing it suspiciously through out dinner.

We have several books to read about volcanoes, the structure of the earth and it's shifting plates, as well as a documentary of Mt St Helens. I also printed off some worksheets I found online.

I am thinking, however, that we will refrain from reading the book on Pompeii in front of the 3 yr old. Poor kid has enough to worry about already.


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