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Friday, October 01, 2004

And How Could I Forget...

the most aggravating of all the change of season rituals.

The dreaded seasonal clothing switch-a-roo.

And trying to go through all the bins of clothes and decide what sizes everyone will be wearing for the season, who needs new clothes and winter coats and boots, and trying to figure out *why* clothing that looked perfectly nice when packed away 6 mos ago now looks horribly worn and stained. I ended up filling two large trashbags with clothes to bring to the Goodwill. I am just so darn tired of looking at the same clothes year after year on yet another one of my boys.

I only need to buy three winter coats, although I may just let the baby wear the snowsuit as her winter coat this year, two new pair of snow boots, two new pair of snowpants, and new shoes all around. (I don't hand-me-down shoes) Land's End has my beloved Squall Parkas on clearance for about half price so I went through all the things a bit earlier than usual, hoping to get them on sale.

See what you people living in terminally warm climates miss out on ;-)


Blogger susie said...

We have four girls and I was very, very tired of the same ol stuff in bins, so I got rid of most of them this summer. Now, I am panicking about this winter. We live in Texas, but what if it is cold? LOL As if... I got rid of snow pants/snow suits/sweaters, etc.

The problem with living in a warmer climate is that the summer stuff never really goes away. We just add pants and long sleeves to the mix, which means that the drawers are always full. Well, if the children ever put their clothing in the drawers. Or the parents, for that matter.

I have been reading you for a while and I love your sense of humor. Thanks!


12:47 PM  
Blogger Suzanne said...

I only have one child and yet it seemed like a HUGE task to get a fall/winter wardrobe in place. Since I live in Indiana, you still have to have a few pairs of shorts for those 90 degree days in November and long johns out for the low 30 degree weather days in October. It was joyous. I can't imagine doing it with more children, though I'm sure I'll be there someday. (hopefully! :) )

10:37 PM  
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