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Friday, October 08, 2004

Feeding The Masses

Annalise posted a picture on her blog yesterday of her dinner on the table ready to be eaten by her family. It looked so yummy that I have been thinking of roasted vegetables ever since (along with the lemon meringue pie Sue mentioned a week or so ago)

But my first reaction on seeing the food, was that it looked like an appetizer for my family. ;-)Having a large family I guess I have just slowly become accustom to cooking huge quantities of food. I have forgotten what a "normal" sized family meal looks like.

So tonight I took a photo of one of our normal meals: a 6QT crockpot full of beef stew, salad made with 2 heads of Romaine lettuce, and two loaves of garlic bread. I don't have nearly as nice a presentation as Annalise, because I am lazy. Just kidding. Truthfully, most of my children are not old enough to serve themselves anyway. Salad and bread they can do, but anything hot I generally prefer to keep off the table lest someone burn themself, or someone else.

The children thought that it was very funny I was taking a picture of our food, especially when they all grabbed bread off the plate as I was trying to take the photo. In the words of my 7 yr old, 'What did you put the food on the table for if you didn't want us to eat it?'

Animals I tell you. I live with a pack of wild animals.


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