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Monday, October 11, 2004

I Have A... Ceiling

Only those who are living in houses that are being renovated or restored can appreciate what a BIG deal this is. Not only is there sheetrock, but there is sound proofing insulation between the ceiling and the floor above. Now we can have loud all night long wild parties without waking up the children.

Not that we ever *do* have wild parties. But that's not the point, we *could* now if we want to. And that makes life so much less stifling, just knowing you have options ;-)

Rob spent most of Saturday hanging sheetrock on a ceiling 10 feet high in the air. Not a fun job by anyones estimation. He also ran new electrical wiring for the two bedrooms above the family room. We are glad to be rid of the extension cords that were hardwired in and then stapled along the outside of the walls. That's not a fire hazard now is it?

He also put the heating duct work inside of the ceiling joists, where it had previously been running along outside of the walls. No idea why it was like that since they had at some point installed one of those really lovely drop ceilings, you know the kind you see in poorly done offices where white acoustical panels fit into a suspended metal frame, so clearly there was enough room in that gap. Maybe they just liked seeing the galvanized metal pipes?

I went to order a picture window for the room. There is one really long wall...maybe 20ft?... that has no windows on it, but really should. It looks odd and dark on that side of the room.

Obviously the previous owners thought so also because they hung a HUGE wall sized wall paper mural of a forest/waterfall scene. I guess they thought it was a better view than the one actually outside the house. Everyone who has come to our house and seen it has been speechless. It is one of those things for which there are no words.

In looking at the windows, I realized that there were so may options I was confused and had to come home to decide. I took out the blue painters tape and taped up the size window I think will look good. Now I just need to make it back to the store to order it.

On Sunday night we stood out there in the room and I said to Rob, 'It almost looks like a room now... you know if I squint and jump up and down on one foot I can see the room it wants to be.'

And here at our house, that is quite a compliment.


Blogger Ash-bray Etty-hay said...

Back when I was dating, it seemed like every guy I met had just gotten dumped by the Evil Girlfriend who'd soured him on women forever. I always suspected it was the same woman working the crowd a step ahead of me.

Hearing about your house makes me wonder whether the same idiot went around and stupidly, dysfunctionally remodeled both of our places ... our Texas house had equally bizarre hideous things in it which we had to rip out.

BTW I love those wall-mural-things ... tres seventies-rumpus-room. ;)

1:42 AM  

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