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Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Too Much To Ask?

Our Laundry room/ mudroom addition is still not done. A project that was supposed to take weeks has dragged on, and on, and on. Frankly, I am tired of it.

The contractor had promised he would come and finish it about 6 weeks ago. My new dryer wasn't yet hooked up, the cabinets were not yet installed, the bathroom sink and laundryroom sink were not working yet, etc. He then promised he would be at our house 4 weeks ago, even bringing over the new countertop and leaving it leaning up against the wall, like that is smart thing to do in house filled with monkey children.

Then when he found out we were going away on vacation he said he'd be at our house that week to finish up while we were gone. Since we postponed our trip, we were home that week and he didn't show up. He did come to the house the week we were away and called us with a question, but I tried not to get my hopes up that it would be done when we got home.

Well, it wasn't complete. And not only that, the work he did looked like crap. I almost cried. I told my husband I thought I could have done a better job with a hacksaw and my glue gun, and while that might be an exaggeration, it wasn't that much of a stretch.

I would have cried, except I was too angry to cry.

He unhooked the gas line from our old dryer and hooked it up to the new dryer, but didn't turn the gas back on. So I had no working dryer. We just came home from vacation, I had stuff I wanted to wash. And I am so NOT a clothesline kinda girl.

He also had made the countertop 6 inches too deep and then tried to play it off like he had done it that way on purpose. Who has a counter that overhangs their cabinets by 6 inches? Not to mention the fact that when I opened the drawer up on my front loading washing machine to put in the detergent it was blocked by the countertop overhang. He then said that I was being difficult. Imagine that... actually wanting to be able to use your applainces the way they were intended.

He ended up coming back after receiving a not so nice message from Rob and I confronted him about the shoddy work, and then after he "fixed" it re-confronted (is that a word?) him about how unacceptable the fixes were.

The sad irony about the entire thing is that we hired someone to do all the work thinking it would be done "perfectly" and in a timely manner. We could have done it ourselves in the same amount of time, done a better job, and for a lot less money.

Oh well, live and learn.


Blogger Ash-bray Etty-hay said...

Oh man ... did this guy come with references? I've had experiences like this too -- not on such a grand scale, but with, to use a recent example, hiring kids to mow my lawn, and I've thought the same thing: if I wanted a halfassed job I'd've done it myself in the first place. ;)

Look for an email later today! :)

12:27 PM  
Blogger Lisa said...

Giving an Amen! and You sing it sister! from the pews

2:07 PM  
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