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Wednesday, April 27, 2005

It's True, There Is One Born Every Minute

And they will buy anything on ebay.


People, people... do you really need it spelled out for you?

a)Go to your nearest grocery, convenience, wal-marty type store.

b)Buy a box of specially marked Kellogg brand cereal.

c)It will cost you a lot less money and you get the cereal to eat with your new spoon.

d)Even if you don't want to eat the cereal, you can buy the box, take out the spoon and THROW AWAY THE CEREAL. You will still have saved money from this auction.

Sometimes I am just frightened by the general public and their brain power.

But after thinking about this for awhile I am have listing I am going to put on ebay:

Image hosted by

Yes, those are the caps from my Diet Coke bottles good for a free bottle of Coke.

Minimum bid is $5 plus $3 shipping and handling. If you win both auctions, I'll only charge $2 shipping for the second one. It's quite a bargain, really.

Hurry. Act now before they are all gone.

Or something heavy falls on your head and you come to your senses.


Anonymous Mary said...

$10.59 plus 2.50 shipping?

I got a buy one get one free box of Frosted Flakes at Food Lion and got TWO spoons last week!
And two boxes of cereal for like $3.00.
Feeling pretty smart right now.


11:43 AM  
Anonymous Linda in Michigan said...

I don't remember exactly how it came about that I was connected to your blog, but I have been. After major 'catch up' reading today, I was inspired to tell you how much fun it was, has been and is... thanks for sharing.

hmmmmm..... 'sasshole'.... love it... !

12:56 PM  
Blogger Lenise said...

Maybe they REALLY wanted a blue one?

6:39 PM  

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