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Tuesday, February 01, 2005

The Big 4-0

Tomorrow is my husband's birthday, a big one. And being the advanced planner that I am, I went out shopping today to buy him a present.

I pleaded with the children in the parking lot to behave in themselves in the fancy schmancy store not meant for children. All was going well when my 4 yr old spotted a big bowl of hard candy on the counter. The salesman told the children (and this is an exact quote) "Help yourself, we have tons more candy in the back room." Don't need to tell them twice.

He looked surprised when they grabbed it by the handful and shoved it in their pockets faster than I could pick my stunned jaw off of the floor. This tells me that he has no children of his own.

They did leave one piece of candy in the bowl, because, in the words of my 7 yr old, "We don't want to be pigs and take it all." Oh yes, we'd hate to be pigs.

I managed to find a nice present, the children got lots of candy, and we left the store unscathed save for sticky mouth and hand prints on the glass front door. And that is success in my book.


Blogger ma said...

Happy Birthday Rob!

8:35 AM  
Blogger Jordana said...

I don't think my children would have had any scruples about taking the last piece of candy.


3:36 PM  

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