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Sunday, February 13, 2005


1) Yes, the remote control was found, by Rob. It was stuffed way down inside the couch. Not visible to the naked eye, even when every single cushion was torn off and stomped upon. Not that the stomping upon had anything to do with the looking, that was done just for fun.

2) Rob is still not smoking. It has been 11 days and 10 hours, roughly... but who is counting. Actually, he is doing really well and I am proud of him. His new gum chewing habit, on the other hand, makes him sound like a truck stop waitress.

3)I have used up the entire can of Lysol during Pukefest 2005, and will undoubtedly use even more as we progress into Diarrheathon 2005.

4)This is a 5-in-1 tool.

I am not sure what exactly the "5" things are, but so far I haven't found anything I want it to do that it can't do. I really should have made that holster for it, because I have misplaced it. I know it is here in the house somewhere, I just have no idea where.

5) The bedroom floor has been stained and polyurethaned. It looks awesome. My diamond rings that got polyurethane spilled all over them, not so awesome. Today was spent putting up trim work, hanging up curtains, assembling the crib, and attempting to hang interior shutters, all interspersed with periodic bouts of profanity.

6) Someone asked if I live in a small town. There are under 1000 people in my town. But the news is statewide news, since I live in a small state. I am sure that Rachel, who used to live in CT, and Beth, who still does, can attest to the fact that the televised newscast is really lame. Not that it is a bad thing to live somewhere that has no hard news to report.

7) Rob starts his new job on Monday. Not much I can say there except that he will now need to leave the house at a truly un-godly hour of the morning. I am hoping to get up early with him and use the time to run on my treadmill. But, let's just say that I am glad the financial welfare of my family isn't resting on me.

8)HUGE public thanks to Sue for the adorable Hawaiian outfit for the baby. One of the downsides to living in a small town is a post office that closes for several hours in the middle of the day, which always seems to coincide with my being any where near the post office. I have a proper thank-you package ready to go out to you, Sue, so look out for it sometime this week (month?, year?, lifetime?) I stare at the outfit in the drawer everyday, longingly wishing for summer.

9) Yes, I realize that my house doesn't look yellow in the photo I have posted. There is a good explanation for that. My house isn't yellow. When we bought the house two years ago the entire house was painted white and most of the shutters were missing. The paint was peeling and in such bad condition that we were not able to get homeowners insurance unless we painted. We poured over colored swatches and picked a color that appeared on the 1" by 1" square to be a light yellow. Our painter assured us it was a nice soft yellow. If you stand across the street, squint, jump up and down, and quickly consume a few beers, it looks yellowish, maybe.

Which is a long winded way to say The Big Yellow House sounded better than The Big Linen White, But We Really Wanted It Yellow, House.

10) This is just included here because a list of 10 things seems better to me than a list of 9. My two oldest sons have come up with a money making venture. They are going have a lemonade stand out in front of our house. But not just that, they are going to dress in rags and make more money because people would feel sorry for them. Then one of them said they should bring their 1yr old sister outside and dress her in rags too because people will really feel sorry for them and think they need the money badly. I'm half tempted to let them do it for the sheer comedic value.


Blogger Kathy said...

Well you know, I never did ask but I always wondered if there was something wrong with my computer monitors color that caused your yellow house to look white.LOL.

BTW if you are looking for something to blog about, how about your homeschooling style. I'm a bit of a nut that thinks every style is good (from unschooling to the Well Trained Mind) and yet never seem to be really able to stick with anything other than consoling myself that living our unstructured life is "really learning" when you include a daily Math lesson and throw in some Grammar books when you are in a panic. What's your style Chris? Enquiring minds want to know.

10:31 AM  
Blogger Ash-bray Etty-hay said...

I always wondered about the house too -- I thought maybe it had started yellow but gotten painted white, or vice versa, and the picture reflected its old (or new) white state.

The remote, btw,is *always* in the couch ... I know I intended to leave you a comment to that effect, but I don't know if I got around to it. ;)

11:25 AM  
Blogger Lisa said...

Ok, how's this for lack of imagination. I never even wondered about the color of the house. I am reassured to know that all small town post offices are the same and not just us backward midwesterners. Ours is actually post office roulette, because the hours change depending upon what the two people working there have to do that day.

12:04 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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