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Thursday, October 21, 2004


Scene: Five year old banging on the piano

Five year old: Do you recognize this song that I am playing?

Three year old: Give me a hint.

Five year old: It is by Ti-coffee.

Three year old: Try coffee?

Five year old: Noooo, Ti-coffee.

Three year old: Mom likes coffee.

Five year old: No, no, no that's the name of the composer. He wrote this music a long time ago before he died.

Three year old: Did he die from drinking too much coffee?

Five year old: I don't think so, but I am sure he liked it. All old people do.

More unrecognizable banging on the piano.

Five year old: This is called the Nutcracker.

Three year old: not crackers? (uncontrollable giggling)

Five year old: (sighs and turns to look at him) Your just three, when you are five like me you will understand.

Three year old: Yeah. (long pause) I like crackers, don't you?


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