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Tuesday, October 19, 2004

New England

I took this photo of my street while standing in front of my house this morning. It seems to be typical glimpse of what the area I live in looks like. Very old growth trees that hang over the road like a canopy, old stone walls, white picket fences... in fact the house across the street from us, that the picket fence belongs to, is some kind of historical landmark from the early 1800's.

I'd guess that about half of the leaves have turned color and fallen by now. The weather has been quite cold the past few days. And today it is raining and cold.

The kids have a soccer game tonight and I am really, really hoping it will be cancelled. I so do not want to stand out there in this with all the non-soccer playing kids. And to make it worse the sun is setting earlier and earlier. Last night it was already quite dark when I picked them up from practice at 6:15. I am not looking forward to changing our clocks back. I find darkness at 4:30 quite depressing. I guess that scratches Alaska off as a place I would consider living.

Update: Well the soccer game was cancelled, though no one bothered to call and tell us this, or return our phone call. Instead we found out after I had warmly dressed all the kids, found the soccer players some thermals, gloves and acceptable hats to wear with those paper thin t-shirts and shorts, and loaded them all up into the van.

Then we drove to the soccer field where we sat in our van waiting for others to arrive. I was pretty sure upon arrival that the game must have been cancelled since we are never the first people anywhere, but the children insisted we wait until 15 minutes past the official start of the game. They kept saying, but maybe everyone is running late. Yes, that is likely, 30 or so other families all simultaneously, coincidently running late.

Somehow the whole thing was my fault. What a thankless job this motherhood gig is sometimes.


Blogger Annalise said...

Wow, you live in a beautiful neighbourhood!

8:16 PM  
Blogger Carmen said...

Don't you know that as the mom, it's always your fault?

Sorry about the soccer game - isn't it funny how we sign them up for soccer and then pray for rain?

6:36 AM  

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