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Friday, October 15, 2004


Rob is away for a long weekend, flyfishing in northern Wisconsin.

Where it is snowing.

Where he will hike several miles through the woods from the last dirt road, the last outpost of civilization, where the car is parked, carrying his gear. Did I mention the frigid temperatures?

Where he will be standing in freezing cold rivers up to his chest.

Where he will most likely be fighting frostbite and hypothermia.

Furthermore, no one is forcing him to do this. He is doing this willingly

This is his idea of fun.

What exactly is fun about this?

This greatly differs from anything remotely related to my idea of fun. My idea of fun does not involve fish, being cold, being wet and cold, or risking losing body parts I am rather accustom to having, to the cold.

In general, my idea of a fun get-away involves sleeping, sunshine, sleeping in the sunshine, and as little physical exertion as possible. Throw in alcoholic beverages served by a tan cabana boy, a good book, and planned activities for all the kids...well that would be perfection.

Rob and his best friend go away on these fun-filled trips a couple times a year. I never mind when he goes simply because it sounds like pure torture. You really could not pay me enough money to endure such torture.

Then this morning he mentioned that he wasn't looking forward to being cold and that maybe for their next trip they would go somewhere tropical instead.

Now that idea I may have a problem with. That sounds like it could actually be fun. Can't be letting that happen now can I?

And so I said, 'I think you are getting soft in your old age.'

And in doing so I have ensured that he will keep up these trips of frigid torture at least a few more years, just to prove me wrong.

Yeah, I am mean.


Blogger Jenny said...

Hahahaha! I don't think that's mean. It's saavy. Bet that psychology works well on the kids, too.

I enjoyed reading! I will blogroll you, and be back!

11:26 PM  
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