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Monday, November 01, 2004


I never did manage to carve all of our pumpkins, but the kids didn't seem to care.

Trick or Treating was fun. Our small town closes off a few streets in town where the houses are closer together and that is where everyone does their trick or treating. Everyone in town donates candy that is passed out to the families who live in those houses.

The weather was beautiful. Last year it was really really warm and many kids were whining that they were too hot in their costumes and the year before that there was already snow on the ground. It is hard to know from year to year what the warmth level of the costumes should be. Such is life in New England.

On a side note, I was appalled at the number of preteens/early teens out making mischief. Hmmmm does using the word mischief make me sound like an old fart or what?? I have heard that the parents of these kids actually buy them the shaving cream etc, saying that it is all good clean fun. I just have to disagree. They use the shaving cream to write truly vile, disgusting , and offensive things all over the street, people's houses, and public property. The people whom I am friends with that have children this age do not allow their kids to go out and act this way. I don't understand why the parents of these kids can't find an alternative outlet for them on Halloween.

Anyway, enough of that particular rant.

We came home and poured out all our candy and dug in. I haven't decided yet what to do with all the candy. In various years I have swung between rationing it out and just letting them go at it.


Blogger Ash-bray Etty-hay said...

There's a lot to be said for letting them eat it all at once and getting it the heck out of the house (and off their sensitive enamel) ... but then there's a lot to be said for hoarding it all year and enjoying it in, like, February.

As a kid I used to make mine last till Easter.

12:00 PM  
Blogger Antonio Hicks said...

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6:06 AM  

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