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Friday, October 29, 2004

My Life In Numbers

11 the number of "extra" tupperware lids I have

34 the number of socks with no mates I threw away

34 the number of mateless socks I will find next week

2 the number of pair of slip-on shoes that it takes to save my sanity

6 the number of pair of pajamas that are in my 3 yr olds hamper

1 the number of pair of pajamas that he has really worn

0 the number of bags of candy I have bought for Halloween

0 the number of pumpkins we have carved

573 the number of times I have questioned why we began the tradition of allowing each child to carve their own HUGE pumpkin

1 the number of people who do the actual carving

45 the number of times I have said in the past half-hour that firemen do not carry swords dripping with blood

45 the same number of times I have said that bumblebees do not wear "scream" masks

8000 the number of times I have told my eldest that he will not be dressing as a serial killer for Halloween

8000 the number of times I have been told I am the meanest mother in the entire history of motherdom

1oo the percentage of chance I have for not winning the mother of the year award, according to same son

9 the total number of years my eldest son may live

55 number of days left until my due date

55 number of shopping days until Christmas

0 the number of presents I have bought

0 the number of presents I would have left to buy if I stuck to my buy ahead while it's on sale and don't procrastinate because there is a baby coming plan

55 the number of days realistically until I finish Christmas shopping

5 the number of hours until Rob returns home from his trip

2 the number of times I have had to retype this post after blogger lost it


Blogger Bernadette said...

I found your "Life in Numbers" post hilarious! You certainly deserve the "Funniest Mother of the Year Award"! The holidays can tax a mother of a large family's patience, to be sure. Loved your penultimate tummy and toile post!

1:54 PM  

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