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Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Good News

I am not bipolar and and in the midst of a manic phase. Phew, I was beginning to get a bit worried ;-)

Today I had nary an urge to clean anything. Right now I am successfully ignoring all my non perishable groceries that are piled all over the table and the breakfast dishes. More good news is that I spent the requisite gazillion dollars at the grocery store this month and now can get a free Thanksgiving turkey. Okay, maybe not quite that much money, but it was a surprisingly large amount to get a turkey.

After the I picked my older children up from pottery class we headed over to Home Depot. I am not sure why I keep torturing myself by bringing a three year old in there. Do they really think that they can leave ladders in the aisles and not have kids climb them?

When it came time to check out the cashier had to call the credit card company to make sure I could use the card since it had my husband's name on it. After standing there for 15 minutes while she tried to get through to them, she decided to "let it go". I told her that if I were going to do something illegal with a credit card it would be for way more than $200 and would NOT be home improvement crap.

And in weird news, our contractor came over and dropped off our final bill. One small problem, the work isn't finished yet. He is supposed to be making us a new countertop to replace the one he botched and then there were a couple things that I told him to forget about doing that I just wanted him gone. And yet our bill doesn't reflect that either.

Rob is going to deal with it, which probably means he'll pay the bill and we will live with it. He is not confrontational, prefers to give people the benefit of the doubt, and thinks that bad karma will come back to the person. So unlike me.

The contractor still has his sign in our front yard. I so badly want to tear it out of the ground, but the only time I think of it is when I am pulling out of the driveway in my van and then I invariably have the children with me. I don't think it would be a very good example to see me take it out of the ground and stomp all over it. But if it is still there this weekend I am so throwing it into our firepit.


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