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Saturday, July 10, 2004

Another Saturday

Today was another busy weekend day here at the big yellow house. I ran out early and bought some exterior primer and paint. I have to paint our new screened in porch before our contractor puts the screens in. I keep finding excuses not to do it because I really don't like to paint.

In the afternoon, while the baby napped, I managed to prime everything on the interior side of the porch. Rob had the children help him clean up the yard, it was looking a bit like Little Tykes threw up in our yard, and then mowed the grass.

After that we decided to take our new-to-us boat out onto a lake near our house. All of us can't fit on it at once, so I sat on the shore with half the kids while the others went out fishing and for a ride, and then we switched kids. The baby was less than impressed with the parking lot and small shore line and would alternately try to run into the water to drown herself or else eat garbage ;-)

We arrived home around 7:30, and Kim will be happy to hear that I still hadn't even *thought* about what we were going to have for dinner. Rob came to the rescue and made pancakes for everyone. By the time we ate it was almost 8:30. I tried to convince the children that they were having breakfast early so that I wouldn't have to make anything in the morning, but they wouldn't buy it LOL


Blogger Kim said...

ROFL!!! Trying to convince the kids it's an early breakfast! That's rich. Even *I* haven't done that yet.....guess you could count that as lack of smarts on my part. Thanks for the tip! ;o)

Should have told them they could only have one pancake and then stuffed the rest into the fridge for Sunday's breakfast. Of course all the while, thanking Rob for making dinner AND breakfast.

Thanks for making me feel a little less dysfunctional. LOL

12:56 AM  

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