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Tuesday, September 07, 2004

But It Sure Feels Like A Monday

Ways to annoy me today:

- Be our contractor and promise to come and finish up the laundry room and bathroom *last* Tuesday and still not show up at my house a week later.

- Put the porkchops from the grocery store on the floor *next to* the freezer instead of inside of it, where they sit for the entire night going bad

- Call me up to complain that no one has RSVP'd to a huge party you are throwing; a party that you didn't invite me to since there are *so many* of us. Refrain from saying that I would have RSVP'd if I had been invited. Bite tongue so hard that I think I am now missing most of it.

-Have a rolling on the floor tantrum because you want bananas on your cereal for breakfast, even though there are NONE in the house and then continue to scream that none of the 5 different choices of breakfast cereal are acceptable, nor are the spoon or the bowl in front of you

-Fail to tell me when I call to inquire about gymnastics for my son last week that the classes are almost filled, instead leaving me with the impression that I can register and pay immediately before class. Now I have a crying cartwheeling 5 yr old who doesn't understand the concept of a waiting list

-Call me on the phone and let me know that my pregnancy has become the towns newest gossip and the general consensus is that I have too many kids already. I, on the other hand, am much too nice to tell you the gossip going around town about you


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