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Wednesday, September 01, 2004

So What's For Dinner?

Kim asked me if I was sticking to my new meal plan. Since it is only day two and my interest has not yet waned, the answer is yes LOL.

Yesterday we had bagels with cream cheese for breakfast, PBJ for lunch (as usual), and grilled chicken cesear salad with homemade bread for dinner, and chocolate cupcakes for dessert, which were mostly made by my 7 yr old.

I marinated the chicken breasts (about 1.5 lbs) for the entire day in:
1c white wine vinegar
1c oil
a few generous splashes of Worstershire sauce
freshly ground pepper
a few good shakes of garlic powder

Then I cooked them on the grill.

Today the kids had cereal for breakfast, PBJ for lunch, and I have chili in the crockpot for tonight. Chili is the children's favorite meal as long as it is served with Tostitos; they are the most important part of the chili recipe LOL.

The kids have soccer practice tonight so we will be eating dinner later than usual and I will have the pleasure of hanging around the soccer field with all the gossiping gooses from around town. And since today was the first day of school in our town I am sure I will be asked numerous times if we started school today also and all the other amusing homeschooling questions I am asked on a regular basis.


Blogger Urban Mama said...

Do you always plan your meals in advance? I'm not good at cooking but need to learn ASAP. My DH starts his new job as a corporate attorney in less than two weeks, and I am just wondering if planning out menus is the way to go.

10:28 PM  
Blogger Chris said...

No I have not really ever planned meals out in advance before, at least not to this extreme. I definitely think it is the way to go as it makes it so much easier to know what your options are and that you actually have all the ingredients to make it! But sitting down and doing the planning is a least for me, which is why I have resisted doing it for so long.
I became motivated earlier in the week when my husband and I went through our spending and realized we were blowing close to $2000 a month and not being able to really account for it all.
Since you are a working mom I'd think about getting a crockpot and a breadmaker with a delayed timer, then dinner could be ready when you walk in the door at night, especially with two babies and no dh to help at dinnertime.

Good luck with your dh's new job... enjoy him now as you will never see him again ;-)

8:33 AM  
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