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Friday, June 25, 2004

Update On My Day

- Took apart high chair and cleaned it, put seat cushion through the washing machine, all the while wondering why the make high chairs with so many nooks and crannies for junk to collect

- Five loads of children's laundry and two loads of towels

- Sorted through winter outwear. Decided that 85 pair of gloves and mittens was way too many and culled it down to a more acceptable number

- Vacuumed family room, sunroom, kitchen, foyer, and butler's pantry

- Took all cushions off all the upholstered furniture in family room and sunroom and vacuumed them

- Had the children carry out from the third floor all the crushed moving boxes that had piled up and bring them down to the garbage can area and pile them neatly

- Found all the children's books on the first and second floor of the house and carried them up to the children's library

- Reorganized the children's library
I also keep their school and art supplies in there. This took over two hours.

Before photo:

- Picked up tupperware that the baby threw on the kitchen floor 50 times and wonder why I don't buy some cabinet locks or throw the tupperware away...the latter would save me from the next item on the list

- Cleaned out refrigerator and did throw away a couple tupperware that had scary science projects growing in them, washed down the shelves and outside of the the refrigerator

- Washed the fronts of all the kitchen cabinets and dishwasher

- Cleaned up mudroom and had 5yr old line up all the shoes, which took up the entire area of a 4x6 rug

- Packed up all the winter children's clothing that had not been packed last week and carried all the bins from the first floor up to the third floor storage room

- Carried Fall (!!!!) outdoor decorations from foyer closet up to third floor storage room

- Went grocery shopping (yes all the children were with me)

- Picked up Chinese food for dinner

- Went to video store and rented children a DVD as a reward for being such good cleaning helpers

- Got tv out of the closet and set it up so they can watch their movie

- Supervised or helped with 7 showers/baths

- Of course did the normal stuff like make breakfast, lunch and snacks, change diapers, wipe butts, mediate arguments, load and unload dishwasher twice

But I didn't even do half of the stuff on my list for today. Cleaning up the children's library took a huge chunk of my time. There must be a thousand children's books. The photos really don't show the amount of work that was involved and the huge amount of complaining and whining that were heard. The children whined a bit also ;-)


(The paint color combination came with the house. So far the third floor children's library has been low on the priority list LOL)

The rain prevented me from spray painting our outdoor porch furniture and the grocery store incident with my 3 yr old made me rethink going to Home Depot. Hopefully I'll get both of those things done tomorrow. I also want to hit the florist and buy the flowers for our flower boxes and plant them this weekend.


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Blogger kfk said...

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I stumbled upon your site via Blogtopsites and really got a few good laughs. 7 kids will sure do that, so will 4, which is how many I have. When I find a blog to be appealing, I love to go to their earliest posts and that is how I ended up here.
I'm wondering if you took "Tupperware" up on her offer.

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